Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment
Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment Club

The V.I.P Room at Phase 2

An Exclusive (or Private!) Luxury Space!

The VIP Room at Phase 2 is a lavishly-appointed upstairs space with a balcony that overlooks our club and stage.

The space can be partitioned several ways to accomodate your needs for a banquet, business or club meeting, reception, private party - you name it! There's even a private dance floor available!

Soft leather and a variety of seating areas and arrangements make this a highly versatile space with an upscale look and feel.

  • A comfortable lounge area with casual class
  • An open area for seated dining or banquet tables
  • Can be set up for business meetings and presentations
  • Can accomodate a DJ or small entertainment
  • A dance floor is available
  • A full bar is available
  • Onsite catering available from our restaurant