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How to Buy Tickets to Phase 2

Tickets are available for select events as noted in our event schedule.

You can purchase tickets in advance online, by phone, by visiting Phase 2, or at the door on the day of the event if they are still available.

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Ticket Options

Advance Tickets:
Buying tickets in advance is the best way to ensure you get a ticket to an event. The advance price is usually effective until the doors open for general admission*. That means you can still buy tickets at the advance price on the day-of in our Bar & Lounge until general admission starts.
* Note: Some artists may require we charge door price beginning on the day-of-show. If so, the price will be noted in the event listing.
Day-Of Tickets:
Even if all advance tickets sell-out, a limited number of tickets will be available the day-of the show, on a first-come, first-serve basis in our Bar & Lounge. The Bar & Lounge opens at 4PM. These tickets can sell-out also, so we recommend you arrive as early as possible.
VIP Experience:
The Phase 2 VIP Experience is available for select events and includes a private dinner and exclusive access to our balcony-level VIP bar & lounge overlooking the stage for a limited number of guests. Please call (434) 846-3206 if you wish to purchase the VIP Experience.

Purchase Tickets Online

You may purchase tickets online through Ticketfly 24/7. There is also an Ticketfly iPhone App. We recommend purchasing online and selecting the free "Print at Home" delivery method. If you chose to have tickets mailed to you, a shipping fee is applied.

Purchase Tickets By Phone

You may purchase tickets by phone after 11am Mon-Fri and Saturday after 4pm by calling Phase 2 at (434) 846-3206. For general admission tickets, you can also call (877) 987-6487.

Purchase Tickets in Person

You may purchase tickets in person at Phase 2 after 11am Mon-Fri and Saturday after 4pm in our Sports Bar & Lounge.

Want to avoid fees?

We do not add parking fees, facility fees or even taxes. The cheapest way to purchase tickets is with cash, in-advance, at the club during business hours. We do not add a fee for cash purchases from the club.

What about taxes?

The City of Lynchburg applies a 7% admissions tax, which is basically a sales tax. Most retailers add sales tax to the price of the item you purchase. Instead, to keep it simple, we just build the tax into the price of the ticket. There will not be a tax added to the advertised ticket price.

Why the convenience fee?

Hey, we get it... Event tickets are advertised at a certain price and tacking on a fee feels like a rip-off. Well, that may or may not be the case of some other venues. With us however, the convenience fee is only applied to purchases through our ticket vendor for the option of using their services to purchase the ticket. As we stated above, you can avoid the fee if you don't mind driving to the club to buy tickets.

We shopped around to find a vendor that provided the ticket services needed at the most affordable prices. Regardless, it's still a cost that has to be paid (just like the electric bill.) That cost could be built into the price of the ticket, but it seems more fair to charge those who actually use the service rather than everyone. If you look around, we think you'll find that the fee is lower than most comparable events at comparable venues.

Why are tickets so expensive?

Attending a club show is usually much more affordable and intimate than a large arena. Rather than nose-bleed seating, at a club show you can get upclose to your favorite artists during the show while enjoying the club's amenities, hospitality, hand-made drinks, made-to-order meals & your friends. And, its not even unusual for the artists to mingle with the fans!

However, when we book national acts, we have to bid on the show against other venues through-out the mid-Atlantic. If our bid isn't competitive, then fans in another city get the show. That sucessful bid is what determines the ticket price. There are some local factors to consider also, such as venue capacity (how many tickets we can sell), taxes (7% of the ticket price is local tax) that can affect venue ticket prices. Regardless, we're always working to keep the price of tickets affordable so as many people can enjoy the show as possible.